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Massagenotch is one of the top mobile/massage home operating in lagos Nigeria, as erotic massage is getting more recognized today, massage sessions at massagenotch are truly filled with rejuvenation, healing and more especially filled with extreme pleasure that is beyond ordinary... (read more.)


Our Amazing services

Ready to Explore? We don’t only provide you with most rejuvenating, luxury filled, quality massage, but also fasten your sit belt as cloud 9 will be your final destination, no where will be left untouched


A good artist goes within and feels what and how, he or she wants to express. A good artist doesn’t remember what strokes to make, they dig deep into their own feelings ...  read more


Nuru massage is a slippery or extremely oily massage. It’s unique from the other massage types as the masseuse does not only use her hands but her whole naked body to stimulate her client ... read more 


Tantric means “expansion and liberation” the goal is to help the receiver expand self knowledge, to escape from factual, irrational thinking and get in touch with divinity, the energy that surrounds us, ...  read more


Lingam also called (linga) is the Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ. This type of massage primarily focuses on the male genitalia, lingam massage basically is a direct massage of the penis ... read more


Yoni is a Sanskrit word for “vagina” to which interprets “A Sacred Place”
Yoni massage is a selfless filled intent to precisely treat and honor a woman ... read more


Swedish massage therapy involves mild, moderate or deeper strokes on the back, arms, legs, neck and other body parts to target tissues and muscles for maximal pain & stress relief, and  ... read more

our works

we have the understanding of how to satisfy your intimacy needs on both the spiritual and physical levels. With the help of our essential oils and products, our masseuse will make you feel special by helping you relax your body and mind with an erotic touch.

Our Masseuses

Our Masseuses learns the art of Tantric and meridian massage on a professional Program. Our massage is composed of these massage types, resulting in a special experience. After finishing the Program, every girl has to take an official test, and only by passing it and having the official certification are they able to start working. Apart from these, we also require our masseuses to have prior-to-work experience, ensuring that our guests receive professional services.

English Speaking;
Communication is a necessary part of the massage, which we think is important to our non-Nigerian guests, too. We require basic English knowledge from our girls, meaning that basic communication is guaranteed.

Our Pricing

Disclaimer: Massage sessions must be booked and confirmed prior before visiting, we do not entertain work-ins. a day ahead of bookings works best. Enjoy!


(Couples Delight)

1:30mins: ₦45,000 

(Couples Delight)

2hrs: ₦85,000


Tantric Sensual Massage 

1hr:  ₦90,000 

Tantric Sensual Massage
(Individual with full body steaming + a complimentary bottle of wine
1hr: 30mins  ₦110,000 

Tantric Sensual Massage
(Couples Delight

3hrs:  ₦200,000 

Tantric Sensual Massage
(Couples Delight

4hrs:  ₦235,000 
(+ full body steaming + a complimentary bottle of wine ) 

Yoni Massage
(For Her

35mins:  ₦40,000 

Lingam Massage
(For Him

35mins:  ₦40,000 


Nuru Massage 

1hr: 30mins  ₦125,000   

Nuru Massage

(Individual + full body steamingfull body, oil dry brushing & a complimentary bottle of wine)

2hr:  ₦155,000 

Nuru Massage
(Couples Delight
3hrs:  ₦245,000 

Nuru Massage
(Couples Delight 
+ full body steaming, full body oil dry brushing & a complimentary bottle of wine)
4hrs:  ₦295,000 


The Art of Touching 
(Timeless Zone)


OPENING HOURS :Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 10:00pm


At massagenotch We sell products that reward your wellbeing obsession. Try our wide range of pure essential oils, aromatic candles, oil burners etc.


MassageNotch is the best option for people who seek to totally clear away their worries. The ideal place to heal your body and soul. Enjoy premium services at cost-effective prices and with complete discretion.

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