A good artist goes within and feels what and how, he or she wants to express. A good artist doesn’t remember what strokes to make, they dig deep into their own feelings to express the object been painted.

Similarly to performing this massage, the masseuse approaches her guest artistically digging deep into her own sensual feelings and presenting it to her guest. Certainly making her guest profoundly present to her touch, with her hands and body flooded with love and pure sensual energy. Constantly tuning into her guest and feeling how he or she wants to be touched.

Performing this massage the masseuse presents both her giving touch and the receiver receiving senses, she must snap into receiving mood without guilt. Leaving her guest recharged and also accomplished.


Nuru massage is a slippery or extremely oily massage. It’s unique from the other massage types as the masseuse does not only use her hands but her whole naked body to stimulate her client resulting a more bodily intimate contact between the client and the masseuse

Nuru massage is a luxurious, intimate experience with effective stress relieving results that will be felt first hand as your confidence and sensuality will tremendously speed up.

This type of massage is intended to awaken the most sensitive areas of the body as you reconnect with your inner self.
Performing this massage , the masseuse completely oils the body of her guest, then hers followed by gliding her whole silky, naked and intensively oiled up body on her guest in a very slow rhythm in different positions evolving into an intense sexual arousal.

Nuru massage improves smooth and soft skin, increases blood circulation , unclothes the mind,reduces stress levels, anxiety, promotes sense of well being, multiple orgasm, improves sleep quality.


Tantric means “expansion and liberation” the goal is to help the receiver expand self knowledge, to escape from factual, irrational thinking and get in touch with divinity, the energy that surrounds us, allowing you to free yourself and fully relax.

Tantric philosophy is a philosophy based on human behavior and sensory principles defending that nothing is impure or wrong, provided that it develops with the correct attitude, discovery of one’s self, others and divinity.

Tantric sensual massage is a type of massage when the masseuse is not only concentrating on the strong grips, but more on soft,caressing touches in a slow tempo giving a really intimate sensation while focusing on all the erogenous zones found in human body.

Tantric sensual massage strengthens various muscles(especially the pelvic and genital muscles), activates various energetic and erogenous points allowing the receiver a unique experience of pure ecstasy and liberation and also promotes energy, physical and mental balance.


Lingam also called (linga) is the Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ. This type of massage primarily focuses on the male genitalia, lingam massage basically is a direct massage of the penis and areas around it such as the testicles.

Lingam massage is honored and respected as it is a channel for powerful sexual energy and pleasure, lingam massage can be seen as an everyday thing but tantra offers many moves which in everyday life wouldn’t come to mind.

Although the aim of the massage is not only to achieve an orgasm, it is very common for a man to become highly aroused resulting an orgasmic climax. The intense sexual pleasure will be felt throughout the whole body, not just around the genital.

Lingam massage is very relaxing, stimulating,healing, liberating and leaves the receiver with a great sense of emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being whilst experiencing high levels of sensual pleasure.

Humans not only men has to redefine themselves, this massage offer variety of tantra techniques to awaken one’s “kundalini “ also enabling him a better control of his arousal. Lingam massage will help in sexual dysfunction, lack of libido, increases penis size over time and time of erection, provides multiple orgasms and awaken areas that are sensory as sleep.



Yoni is a Sanskrit word for “vagina” to which interprets “A Sacred Place”

Yoni massage is a selfless filled intent to precisely treat and honor a woman. This type of sensual massage therapy aims to guide her through the strong waves of uncertainty to a state of complete comfortability and a better, clear understanding of what feels good to her.

The “Sacred Place” will be approached with respect and love. The massage is performed with an extreme meticulousness, slowly unveiling her spirit, body and mind to the sparkling light of deep felt pleasure and sensual gratification.

Yoni massage can help women who have never experienced orgasm, it will also help them get more in tune with their sensual selves.
It can also be a good way of healing for those who have suffered sexual trauma.



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